Shipping to New Zealand – Important Information You Should Know Before Container Shipping Overseas

Situated in West Africa and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Ghana is recognized as a leading producer of cocoa and gold. For those shipping to Ghana, the country’s largest port is the Port of Tema.

The Port of Tema is has 12 berths, a harbor for fishing and a dry dock. Other shipping ports in Ghana include the Port of Takoradi, the Port of Elmina and the Port of Saltpond.

If you are shipping to Ghana, you will need  중국배대지 to get required documents in order. Documents required for shipping to Ghana include:


Letter of Transfer from your employer (if applicable)

Ghana Customs Form C.12

Complete Inventory (written in English, with values, dated, and signed)

PUBD Form (“Personal Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration”) to be filled out at airport of arrival.

Please note: failure may cause penalty and delay

If you are shipping used household goods to Ghana, your cargo must arrive within 12 months of your own arrival in the country.

Duty Free Shipping to Ghana

In terms of duty fees, you are allowed to ship used household goods duty free as long as you have owned these items for at least 6 months before shipping. In addition, in order to qualify for duty free shipping you must plan to continue using your household items and not resell them.

For those interested in shipping used electrical appliances to Ghana, you can ship one used electrical appliance per family to Ghana duty free. If you are interested in shipping multiple of the same type of used appliance, you will likely be expected to pay duty fees and taxes.

Restricted Items when Shipping to Ghana

If you are shipping to Ghana, newer items that are less than six months older are subject to certain duty fees. You are also not allowed to bring large amounts of food. If you are shipping medications to Ghana, you need to have a prescription unless the items you are shipping are for first aid purposes.

If you are shipping new electrical items to Ghana, your cargo shipment will be subject to customs duties and taxes.

Prohibited Items when Shipping to Ghana

If you are shipping to Ghana, please note that certain items are not allowed or are carefully restricted. If you want to ship firearms and weapons to Ghana, you will be required to receive special licensure and permits. This includes providing:

Proof of ownership

Import License

Police Withdrawal Permit

License from Ministry of Interior

Items that you are not allowed to ship to Ghana include:


Pornographic material


Counterfeit money

Alcohol and other spirits are prohibited and should be sent separately