An Appeal to Parents of San Diego City Public School Students – Stop the Lies About Islam

Being a Muslim determine, I recognise the importance of the choice of products in your infant. From the very beginning, it’s miles important to buy products which are suitable for a Muslim, as early adolescence development has an impact on the character of your baby. Toys are an critical a part of your baby’s growth and improvement, in particular for teaching and stimulating the child’s cognitive and linguistic talents. An Islamic keep can cater to the wishes of your infant’s growth and development as there are numerous toys available which aid the dad and mom and other care givers in presenting the child the right reinforcement which helps in growing his capabilities to their most excellent degree.

Today as the attention is growing in dad and mom approximately HAMKA the high-quality effects of these toys and tools, there are extra toy makers which might be coming up with innovative and innovative academic toys for children. In unique these developments may be seen in religiously active sectors of the society which want to instruct and groom their child consistent with the lessons in their faith. An Islamic keep is the first-class place to discover educational toys that now not best entertain however additionally help your toddler study the basics of the faith from very early youth.

Teaching your infant can be became a fun and interactive revel in by a chain of DVD’s titled “Adam’s World”, which features a small Muslim puppet going via the everyday exercises of existence and studying approximately the basics of Islam. This collection of movies may be attained from your nearby Islamic shop. Other such movies also are available which could teach your toddler about the one-of-a-kind components of Islam in a amusing narrative and interactive way.

For older youngsters, there are slightly more complex educational toys available at your neighborhood Islamic keep. These include Islamic computers, which teach the youngsters the way to examine and recite the Quran with proper Arabic accessory and now have various different coaching software program’s that train and quiz your infant about the teachings of Islam. There also are positive Hadith video games to be had which permit the youngsters to play together with buddies and take challenges. The wood puzzles that train Arabic alphabets and small Arabic words to young youngsters also are very famous among the Muslim dad and mom and may be without problems bought at any Islamic store.